45 ways to know you’re dating a KEEPER

published on 1. Jan 2022

As Match forecasts 2nd Jan to be the busiest day of the year for online dating, new research reveals a list of the top signs to show the person you’re dating is a keeper

  • 47% of Brits favour a partner who knows how to listen – the top sign that they’re a keeper
  • Feeling comfortable enough to be yourself (46%), being with a non-controlling partner (44%) and being able to talk for hours on end (40%) are also rated highly
  • A fifth would break up with someone they were dating, if their family or friends didn’t think they were a keeper
  • Match expects to see UK traffic peak at 10pm, 2nd January, as hopeful singles make dating a priority for the new year
  • Dating expert, Hayley Quinn, reveals her top tips for finding a keeper online and IRL

As the busiest day of the year (2 January) for online dating approaches, researchers from Match have revealed a list of 45 signs that the person you are dating is a keeper, with knowing how to listen coming top of the list, with 47 percent of the vote. The research comes as Match announces it expects to see traffic peak at 22:00, 2nd January 2022 as millions log onto dating sites on Single’s Sunday – the busiest day in the year.

Making you feel so comfortable that you can be yourself (46 percent), having no desire to control you (44 percent), and being able to talk for hours about nothing in particular (40 percent) also made the list of signs he or she is a keeper.

Giving you unexpected gifts (32 percent), and not texting their exes (32 percent) are also signs that special someone is a long-term prospect, as was getting on well with your friends (29 percent), being confident and self-assured (23 percent), and having the ability to charm your mum (15 percent).

Always paying their way (20 percent), bringing you a cup of tea without being asked to (18 percent) and being happy to do a Tik Tok dance with you also made the list.

The study found that almost three quarters (73 percent) of the 1,500 singletons polled claim they are tired of serial dating, inauthentic, photoshopped profile pics and casual hook ups, and are now looking for a keeper.

And the average Brit can tell within five weeks whether the person they are dating is a keeper or not. While many singles pick up the signs even earlier, from someone’s dating profile alone.

According to the poll, someone on a dating app could be a keeper if they use a profile picture that doesn’t have a filter (23 percent), they have an easy smile in their photo (23 percent), and if they have a dog in their pics (12 percent).

31 percent of those polled said that someone who is open about wanting a committed relationship could be a keeper, while 26 percent said that being asked insightful questions rather than being sent generic chat up lines is a good sign.

The study also found that a FIFTH (20 percent) of Brits would break up with someone they were dating if their friends and family didn’t think they were a keeper.

While 71 percent wouldn’t hesitate to tell a friend if they thought the person they were seeing was not a long term prospect.

Hayley Quinn, dating expert for Match, said: “Whilst many singles may worry that romance is dead, research reveals just how many singles are looking for authentic connections over a bit of fun. The truth is that there are great partners for you everywhere, it’s now your job to be good at spotting the signs that they’re a keeper. This person may not sweep you off your feet from the start, but over time will show you the relationship building qualities that will make you happy in the long run. Even as you’re messaging people, or looking at profiles online, you can look out for who is really consistent and clear at setting up that first date with you.

At Match, we want our members to find the thrill of a real love story – and all the excitement that comes with it. Even if you haven’t been lucky in love so far, start creating the belief that there are lots of people out there who want the same things as you, who can make you really happy.”


  • They’re easy to talk to

Rather than struggling to make a conversation interesting, the conversation with a keeper just flows! They get your jokes and you find yourself smiling every time you get a message from them.

  • They don’t keep you waiting for a reply

A keeper won’t ghost you. In fact, they’ll be so regular in their communication that it helps you to feel really secure with them. You never worry that they’re going to leave you on read.

  • They have a genuine and complete profile

Their pictures look like a real person (no crazy filters here) and they’ve taken the time to fully complete their online dating profile. Right from the get-go, they’re demonstrating that they’re just as committed to finding a partner as you.


  • They don’t cancel

Unless there’s a zombie apocalypse, they’re turning up for your date. Forget last minute cancellations and changes to schedule, a keeper won’t let you down. If they do need to cancel they’ll be super apologetic and offer you a clear alternative when you can meet again.

  • They’re clear about what they want

Rather than being stuck not knowing whether you’re committed or not, a keeper will always be super clear about their stance on commitment. Don’t be surprised if they’re the ones that bring the ‘what are we’ conversation up and confirm how much they like you.

  • They’re super consistent

A keeper won’t necessarily sweep you off your feet, but they also won’t be eager to meet you one week, and distant the next. No excuses, they will keep setting up dates to meet you in real life, and will respect what pace you’d like to take the relationship at.



  1. They really listen to you 47%
  2. You can be yourself in front of them      46%
  3. They do not want to control you 44%
  4. You can chat for hours about nothing 40%
  5. They are not afraid of commitment 38%
  6. They have a great sense of humor 38%
  7. They are open about wanting a committed relationship 36%
  8. They take an interest in your family, friends and hobbies 35%
  9. They say what they mean 34%
  10. They give you genuine compliments      32%
  11. They don’t text their exes 32%
  12. They don’t create drama 32%
  13. They want to date you exclusively 30%
  14. They get on well with your friends 29%
  15. They have their own social life and respect that you have yours 29%
  16. They don’t spend all their time on social media 26%
  17. They can tell you when you’re in a bad mood and they give you space 26%
  18. They are not obsessed with their looks 24%
  19. They will do something that they don’t enjoy because you love it 23%
  20. They point out when you’re being unreasonable in a loving way 23%
  21. They are confident and self-assured      23%
  22. They sometimes surprise you with gifts or flowers 23%
  23. They are not always on their phone 22%
  24. They smell good 21%
  25.  They always pay their way 20%
  26. They bring you a cup of tea without being asked to 18%
  27. They are debt free 18%
  28. They love good food 18%
  29. They’re not a pushover 18%
  30. They have a decent job which they enjoy 17%
  31. They have a cheeky glint in their eye 17%
  32. They enjoy giving you a massage 16%
  33. They open the door for you 15%
  34. Your mum instantly loves them 15%
  35. They don’t care if you scroll through their phone 15%
  36. They will always check the house if you hear something go bump in the night 15%
  37. They will go to the shop to buy you sanitary products 15%
  38. You share the same taste in music 14%
  39. They’ll run you a bubble bath when you’re tired 14%
  40. They recommend books and films they think you’ll like 14%
  41. They leave love notes for you to find 14%
  42. They have a bit of “sass” about them 13%
  43. They have good taste in movies 13%
  44. They’ve had successful, long-term relationships before 11%
  45. They’d love to do a Tik Tok dance with you 7%


Based on a survey of 1,500 UK adult singletons, undertaken by Perspectus Global in December 2021.
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Laura Hicks or Joshua Way, Brands2Life – 020 7592 1200 and
About Hayley Quinn:
Hayley Quinn is an internationally recognized dating expert, TED speaker and start-up Founder. Her
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Her opinions have been published in The Times, The Observer (NYC), Cosmopolitan, The Independent, and The Guardian amongst others. Her TED talk has over 1.1 million views and she has spoken widely about love & dating everywhere from The Business Show, to Imperial University, to the Soho House Group.



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