11. Jul 2023

Even – a new dating app for single parents – launches today in the UK in response to unkind behaviour

Even – a new dating app for single parents and the sister company to Match – launches in the UK today. It comes as new research commissioned by Even reveals 57% of single parents have been ghosted because they have children.

Almost a quarter of the single parents polled (23%) say it’s typical to be met with a wall of silence when the date realises they can’t be as flexible with their time, whereas one in five (19%) say the ghosting happens the moment they tell someone they have kids. The term “off-springing” – the act of springing off when they realise you have kids – has been coined by Even to describe the unkind phenomenon.

Single parents cited a knock in confidence and self-esteem as a result of the “child-ist” behaviour (37%), whilst 29% admit it makes them want to give up on dating. To avoid any ambiguity, over one in three single parents (35%) say they choose to disclose that they have children in their online dating profile, whereas 15% prefer not to mention it until they’re on a date. Over a quarter of those polled (28%) say they want someone to get to know them first, with 19% believing people have preconceived ideas about single parents – everything from emotional baggage to complicated situations with ex-partners. A further 28% say they’re more than just a mum or dad, but that most people are unable to see past their parental status.

Because of this, one in ten (10%) single parents admit they’re often too scared to tell a date they have children, and a further 13% are unsure when the best time is to broach the subject. The new dating app, Even, will therefore eliminate any potentially challenging discussions about this; it gives people the opportunity to match with like-minded individuals, whilst aiming to eradicate the “off-springing” trend. Even recognises that whilst having children is forever a part of who parents are, they shouldn’t be defined by this role. They’re even more than that.

Marion Graff, VP of Acquisition, Meetic Group says: “We understand that single parents have a lot to juggle. In between work, children, family and friends it can be hard to make room for dating, but it’s not for a lack of trying. It’s why we’ve launched Even – an app where single parents can chat freely, safely and securely. There’s no more angst about how or when to tell someone you have kids. Even provides a space where you can truly be yourself and prioritise your own needs. I spent many years as a single parent myself and have used that experience to create this app, so single parents enjoy dating once again.”

The dating landscape can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, but having children appears to add another level of complexity, according to the study. Over half of the single parents surveyed (59%) say being a parent has stopped them from dating altogether, with guilt for spending less time with their children (44%) and having too many other things to think about (42%) the biggest barriers to finding love.

The app which is available now and free to download means singles will be able to view up to 100 profiles a day. To boost their experience, singles can subscribe to ‘Even More’ to view unlimited profiles and find out who has liked their profile.


Contact Presse Jess Monty
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About Even Even is a new dating app designed for single parents. The app offers single parents the opportunity to meet people who understand them in a safe, caring and feel good environment. Launched in May 2023 in France, England and Germany, Even is managed by Meetic Europe and part of Match Group, a leading provider of digital technologies designed to help people make meaningful connections.
For more info, visit uk.even-dating.com
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