11. Jul 2023

New dating app Even reveals the top stigmas suffered by single parents 


New research from dating app Even has today revealed that one in six (16%) single Brits would not be open to dating a single parent due to certain stigmas that they believe they have attached to them.

Over a quarter (27%) said that this is because they always assume single parents have a complicated / messy situation with an ex-partner. Whether that’s because they feel like it would bring too much drama or they don’t want a third party hovering over their relationship, before even going on the first date the assumption has already been made.

With this being said, other stigmas believed by British singles include the belief that single parents come with emotional baggage (19%), whereas 15% revealed they’re not ready to take on the parenting responsibilities that they associate with dating a single parent.

Because of these stigmas that still exist in today’s society, one in ten (10%) single parents admit they’re often too scared to tell a date they have children. In reality, 15% wait to disclose that they have children on the first date, rather than revealing this beforehand or on their online dating profile. As a direct result, over half (57%) of single parents admit to having been ghosted on dating apps due to the fact that they have children, with 20% revealing that this tends to occur the moment they tell someone they have kids.

However, single parents shouldn’t be discouraged. Almost two thirds (63%) of single Brits are open-minded and willing to look beyond the single parent label, saying that it makes no difference to them whether a potential partner is a single parent or not, it matters more about who they are as a person. Just over a quarter (27%) said that they too would like to have a family so they therefore already know that their life goals align, and 23% say that single parents have qualities that they look for in a potential partner, such as independence, reliability and selflessness.

Marion Graff, VP of Acquisition, Meetic Group says: “Despite society constantly evolving and changing, the stigmas surrounding single parents remain stuck in the past. Single parents know they are more than ‘just a parent’ – which we want to champion them to be proud of and open about. To help weed out those not ready for a relationship with a single parent, I’d advise putting that you have kids in your profile – equally, if you don’t have any yourself, but are open to them – let people know! Apps like Even help you to do this as you’re able to disclose from the get go that you are a parent. This avoids tricky conversations and unkind behaviour, such as ghosting because they find out you have a child.”

The new dating app Even seeks to help single parents eliminate any potentially challenging discussions or stigmas surrounding having children, or the fear of judgement that many face. In doing so, the platform gives people the opportunity to match with like-minded individuals, therefore skipping any hesitations, reservations or checklists that users might have, whilst also helping with any confidence issues.

The app which is free to download means singles will be able to view up to 100 profiles a day and populate their profile with their custody arrangements and lifestyle factors that help matches understand what they’re getting into without believing stigmas and social hearsay. To boost their experience, singles can also subscribe to ‘Even More’ to view unlimited profiles and find out who has liked their profile.


Contact Presse Jess Monty
02075921200 jessica.monty@brands2life.com
About Even Even is a new dating app designed for single parents. The app offers single parents the opportunity to meet people who understand them in a safe, caring and feel good environment. Launched in May 2023 in France, England and Germany, Even is managed by Meetic Europe and part of Match Group, a leading provider of digital technologies designed to help people make meaningful connections.
For more info, visit uk.even-dating.com
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