How to heat up your online dating profile for summer

published on 18. Mar 2013

Summer – especially early summer – is a great time to look for love online. Sunshine naturally increases our optimism, our attraction and our interest in being social. With friends and family flying off on holiday, leaving certain weeks and even months of the summer period empty, there will definitely be plenty of people looking for romance. So, to maximise your chances as the temperature rises, you want to make sure your profile is looking as tempting as possible. This means freshening it up to make it look more summery and fun. Here are our top tips for making sure your profile sizzles this summer…


  1. Use recent photos

Members often worry that the photographs they’re seeing are outdated. So use summery shots to show that your pictures were taken within the past couple of months. Out with your Christmas or Autumn pics, and in with photos of you looking tanned and relaxed. Don’t include any photos that were obviously taken on a romantic trip (shots where you are cropped strangely closely on one side to delete a partner, or shots of you looking lovingly into the camera across a romantic restaurant table) as this implies you are only very newly single. Instead, have a friend take some lovely pictures of you now, perhaps sitting by the river, walking through a summery park, or in your garden.


  1. Include seasonal interests

It’s great that you ski, but it doesn’t help anyone plan a date with you next week! Make it easy for a potential partner to imagine sharing the summer with you by playing up your favourite seasonal hobbies, like visiting music festivals, outdoor concerts, surfing, lying on the beach or just taking a boat out onto the water.


  1. Talk about holidays

Travel is an easy subject for people to use to break the ice with you in their initial email. Mention your favourite travel destinations (there’s a section just for that in your profile template), and talk about trips you have coming up in the future. It’s another way for people to imagine sharing time with you. Don’t be tempted to invent exotic travel plans (“My dream is to trek the Andes!”) just to sound more exotic. Be honest. If your ideal holiday heaven is lying by a pool 24/7 with only the odd break to grab a cocktail, say that. There’s definitely someone out there who’d like to do the exact same thing.


  1. Have a spring clean

This is a great opportunity to go through your whole profile and give it a refresh. List some new bands, films or books that may have caught your eye, or if you’ve picked up any new hobbies or started a new exercise regime then why not talk about that? This will all help to show that you are not only an active user of online dating who takes the time to make sure that your profile is up-to-date, but that you also already have a wide range of interests and activities in your personal life.

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