Kylie Minogue, Tess Daly, George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley and Nigella Lawson have made a list of the sexiest celebs over fifty, according to new research from Ourtime

published on 10. Jun 2022

Researchers polled the nation to discover the men and women who have hit their half century that we’d most like to ‘swipe right’ for on a dating site, with pint sized pop star Kylie Minogue (35 percent) coming top.

Following close behind were British actress Elizabeth Hurley (33 percent), America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston (32 percent) and heartthrob George Clooney (29 percent).

Nicole Kidman (25 percent), Brad Pitt (25 percent) and Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly (24 percent) also made the list.

The poll of 1,000 Britons aged fifty and over also named Wolverine star Hugh Jackman (23 percent), Dame Helen Mirren (23 percent) and Julia Roberts (23 percent) as some of the sexiest stars they’d like to encounter while online dating.

Iconic TV chef Nigella Lawson (22 percent), also made the list, followed by Halle Berry (22 percent), Jennifer Lopez (19 percent) and Sharon Stone (19 percent).

Meanwhile 37 percent confess their favourite celebs just seem to get better looking with age.

The research by Ourtime, a dating service dedicated to singles over 50, delved into the psyche of their target audience in the UK to discover their attitudes towards not only single celebrities but dating and romance as a whole.

The poll interestingly found that six in ten of the over 50s polled said age was “just a number”, with 46 percent insisting they are so much more confident today than they were in their twenties.

In fact, a quarter agree you can feel sexier with age, even when compared to your younger years.

And almost a third (31 percent) of the over fifties polled insist that when it comes to finding love, getting older means feeling less inhibited by societal expectations and pressures.

So, it’s no surprise that 18 percent admit they are romantic with their partner today than in recent years – and enjoy getting in between the sheets more regularly too.

56 percent also said the idea of an older person not having sex is totally old fashioned and outdated.

In fact, a further 32 percent said the notion of older people “letting themselves go” is also false and fast becoming a thing of the past.

Joanna Pons, a spokesperson for Ourtime, which commissioned the study said:

“It’s fascinating to get an insight into the mindset of over 50s in the UK and it’s great to see that age really is just a number for most of us. More confident, less inhibited, and ready for real romance – now is the perfect time for single Brits to get out there and find someone with a shared passion for life and experiences. Who knows, your very own Kylie Minogue or George Clooney may be waiting for you!.”

The research also reveals that 16 percent of British over fifties feel in much better shape, both physically and mentally, than they did in their thirties.

48 percent say they now feel more independent, while 44 percent are more self-confident.

And 43 percent confess it’s all to do with having a better understanding of what they want out of life.

Over half (52 percent) wish they could step back in time to tell their younger self not to sweat the small stuff or worry about the future.

Meanwhile a third say they love to challenge stereotypes when it comes to how an older person should behave.

58 percent say it’s outdated to think over fifties wear boring outfits, while 52 percent say it’s inaccurate to say that older people don’t ever socialise or go out.

When it comes to looking and feeling their best, seven in ten British over fifties try to eat well, 62 percent exercise regularly and 59 percent try not to take anything too seriously.

Four in ten enjoy dressing for their shape, 26 percent enjoy meeting lots of new people and a frisky 17 percent admit it’s all to do with having lots of sex.


  1. Kylie Minogue                                                35%
  2. Elizabeth Hurley                                            33%
  3. Jennifer Aniston                                            32%
  4. George Clooney                                            29%
  5. Nicole Kidman                                              25%
  6. Brad Pitt                                                         25%
  7. Tess Daly                                                        24%
  8. Julia Roberts                                                  23%
  9. Hugh Jackman                                             23%
  10. Helen Mirren                                                 23%
  11. Nigella Lawson                                             22%
  12. Halle Berry                                                     22%
  13. Jennifer Lopez                                               19%
  14. Sharon Stone                                                 19%
  15. Pierce Brosnan                                              18%
  16. Keanu Reeves                                                18%
  17. Colin Firth                                                      18%
  18. Denzel Washington                                     17%
  19. Michelle Obama                                           16%
  20. Danni Minogue                                             16%
  21. Will Smith                                                      15%
  22. Cindy Crawford                                             15%
  23. Michelle Pfeiffer                                            14%
  24. Barack Obama                                              14%
  25. Claudia Winkleman                                     14%


This research of 1,000 UK based Britons aged fifty and over was commissioned by Ourtime and conducted by Perspectus Global during April 2022.


For more information, please contact the team at Publicasity on ourtime@publicasity.co.uk | 0203 757 6800

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