published on 24. Jan 2024

New research from over 50s dating app Ourtime reveals summer romances are top of the seasonal bucket list for one in ten of over 50s in the UK

New research released today from Ourtime reveals that a quarter (24%) of single Brits over 50 are eager to reignite their passion under the scorching sun with some summer lovin’.

In the survey of 1,000 single Brits, 25% of those over 50 admit they would be open to a summer romance as a temporary escape or break from reality. Originally, it was the younger generation who championed the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ trend as a chance to be fun, flirty, confident, and open-minded, however, the research has unveiled that it’s now the over 50s who are embracing this lifestyle. As a result, Ourtime has coined the dating term ‘Golden Girl Summer’.

The traditional cruise to find a lover is no longer the most favourable option, as coastal retreats such as The Algarve and Amalfi Coast (42%) took the top spot for those looking for summer flings. Romantic cities including Paris and Rome (37%) followed, as did the more exotic locations and islands, such as the Maldives and Bali (32%).

With their dreamy locations, it seems that movies and TV programmes such as “have provided inspiration for an over 50s’ escapade (39%).  However, more social media savvy singles are also using travel accounts and influencers when setting their eyes on their next holiday destination (14%).

The top 10 reasons for Brits over 50 engaging in these summer flings include:

  1. To have some fun (68%)
  2. To seek companionship (56%)
  3.   Adventure and excitement (51%)
  4. To meet a future partner (29%)
  5. To find someone of the same age to share my hobbies/passions with (27%)
  6. Temporary escape/break from reality (25%)
  7. To have a connection (24%)
  8. Creating lasting memories (20%)
  9. Embracing a carefree mindset (16%)
  10. Rejuvenation (14%)

Despite a proportion of singles over 50 wanting to embark on a summer of love, the fear of judgement from peers (39%), the potential for heartbreak (17%), limited time together (12%), as well as not knowing how to approach someone they fancy (11%), can stunt this not so ordinary quest for companionship.

Although cruises (23%) and travel groups (22%) are still fertile ground for those looking to share moments with like-minded people, it’s clear that the conversation surrounding holidays themselves help to connect singles. In fact, 19% admit favourite holidays and destinations are one of the first things discussed on a first date.

And while summer romances are said to have a positive impact on wellbeing (59%), there’s still evidence of summer flings being a taboo among the over 50’s, with 41% of people within this age bracket frowning upon them – proving there’s still work to do.

Kate Taylor, dating expert at Ourtime, said: “Summer romances are something that adults of all ages should enjoy, and that no one should feel ashamed of desiring. Most importantly, kindness, respect, and consent should be the basis throughout the romance – summer or not! Prioritise open communication, emotional well-being, and mutual enjoyment to ensure a positive experience for both individuals involved.”

Kate’s top tips for enjoying a summer fling:

  1. Embrace a positive mindset

As you prepare for your holiday, keep in mind that you might meet a potential partner. So, as you pack your outfits, pack your positive mindset. Holidays are all about having fun and letting your hair down – and people are attracted to those that radiate positivity. If you head on your trip with a positive and open mind, this is sure to marry up with your experiences.

  1. Be open to adventure

On holiday, take a small step outside your comfort zone, every day if you can. Go on tours, take up a new hobby, explore – do something you normally wouldn’t. Embracing adventure will boost your confidence and bring new people into your world. Back at home, aim to keep this momentum up and still try something new every day, even if it‘s small. Perhaps it’s taking a new class or dipping your toes into the dating pool by signing up to an app.

  1. Embrace the now

Don’t search your phrasebook for, “Where is this relationship going?” Holiday flings are meant to be brief, tantalising and finite. That’s what makes them so exciting. Learn to separate emotions from security by embracing everything you’re feeling without worrying about the future. We tend to get clingy in relationships when the rest of our life seems dull or stressful. If you find yourself getting anxious, focus on what you’re looking forward to back at home. Book some events to meet other like-minded individuals such as one of Ourtime’s wine-tasting evenings or cooking classes.

  1. Don’t forsake your friends

If you go away with a friend, meet up every day for a meal, try some double-dates, or take a break from your fling to go on excursions together. A true friend will be happy you’re having fun, but not when they’re dining alone for the fifth night in a row. Remember, you’ll be sitting next to them on the journey home. They’ll also provide perspective and take off your rose-tinted glasses.

  1. Be honest

Not looking for anything serious? Be open from the start. If your feelings change over time, you can always rethink later, but don’t lead anyone on or lie. Being honest allows you to be accepted for who you really are, which hugely boosts self-confidence. As well as honesty, remember to treat them with respect and kindness. if your fling is strictly short-term, turn up on time, keep your word. But if they start letting you down, walk away as fast as your flip flops will allow.

  1. Stay safe

Don’t get so caught up in the moment that you disregard your safety. While it’s incredibly exciting to get swept up in a holiday romance, it’s important to remember that this person is still a stranger. Think ahead when it comes to meeting up with your love interest. Avoid quiet, unfamiliar places. Instead, stick to places where there’s plenty of people around, and always let your friends know where you’re heading – making sure you share your location with them while you’re out. Once you feel sure about your connection, and all the flags are green, when it comes to ‘your place or mine?’, always insist you head to yours. If they object, or you sense something feels ‘off’ about the situation, listen to your instincts!


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