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published on 20. May 2022
  • Match launches new audio feature, reinventing online dating by introducing the power of sound
  • Match’s dating expert Hayley Quinn discusses the power of voice in dating and provides her tips on recording the perfect voice note
  • To mark the launch of its voice innovation, Match is sponsoring ITV’s ‘Romeo & Duet’ – a singing-related dating show where singles only meet face-to-face if they’re enticed by a song

April 2022: Match has made finding a committed relationship easier than ever with the introduction of its new, innovative audio feature. Singles can now update their Match profile with a voice note, providing an additional, entertaining way to express themselves and let their personality shine.

Match members can now vocally respond to a question or prompt, ranging from being asked about their current favourite song or music taste to more humorous suggestions, such as inviting them to share their best imitation or tell a joke. Adding to the fun, is Match’s new ‘Hello Love’ game, which displays two profile pictures, but just one voice – singles then guess which face the voice belongs to, and if they like what they hear, can check out the person’s profile in more detail.

Match’s dating expert, Hayley Quinn, explains why someone’s voice helps identify early attraction: “Online dating profiles have previously been criticised for being a little formal or too generic (doesn’t everyone love travel?!) However, expressing your interests verbally, rather than in a written form, offers others much greater insight into your personality. Hearing someone’s voice is not only a great indicator of your potential compatibility, but it will help you create more trust with potential matches and, quite literally, speak to those you are best matched with.”

Hayley Quinn’s top three tips for recording the perfect voice note for your dating profile:

  1. Informality is a winner: In the same way formal written language can make your dating profile read like a job advert, being too formal in how you say things could also be a turn off. People will feel instantly at ease with someone who is warm, and friendly. Try to talk to your potential matches as if you’ve already been on a few dates – don’t be scared to show off your quirks, but keep it light hearted.
  2. Avoid too much slang: While you don’t want to be too formal, you also want to avoid too much slang or filler words. Someone could misread this that you’re just not serious about dating altogether. Remember, effort is sexy! Show you are committed to finding someone to commit to.
  3. Don’t sweat the small things: Try recording the message while you’re out walking to take some pressure off. The more relaxed and natural you are, the better you’ll come across which is a huge sign of attraction to a potential match.

To mark the launch of the voice innovation, Match is sponsoring ITV’s new dating show ‘Romeo & Duet’, where four singles serenade potential dates to attract them only through their voice. Following the launch on Saturday 16th April, the musical matchmaking event will last for seven weeks, giving singers one song to build their connection –  if the singleton likes what they hear, only then will they see each other for the first time.

Commenting on the developments, Héloïse des Monstiers, VP at Match says: “The introduction of audio to Match profiles is the latest innovative feature introduced to make the dating process more entertaining. We are committed to offering singles other ways of meeting, making the process more fun and above all, authentic.”

Hayley Quinn is an internationally recognized dating expert, TED speaker and start-up Founder. Her membership websites, social media platforms and signature live training events teach her unique approach to love and dating to thousands of men and women.
Her expertise has been featured weekly on 4music, as well as on Celebs Go Dating, BBC 1 (expert on season Finale ‘The Apprentice’ 2015), Channel 4, ITV, Fox, Sky News and Sunrise on 7.
Her opinions have been published in The Times, The Observer (NYC), Cosmopolitan, The Independent, and The Guardian amongst others. Her TED talk has over 1.1 million views and she has spoken widely about love & dating everywhere from The Business Show, to Imperial University, to the Soho House Group.

* Survey conducted with Research Now in April 2018, among a representative sample of 10,671 persons aged 18+ in the UK.**Data based on an extrapolation from Dynata survey conducted in July 2021, among a representative sample of 2 004 respondents aged 18+ in the UK which has been combined with the total population of this age group (Source Eurostat 2020). 6% of interviewees claim having already met someone on Match.

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